Children’s Animal Encyclopedia

Jump inside and explore the world with this illustrated guide Travel around the world and find out some unusual facts about the animals you meet along the way, whether you begin with a tour through the savanna or maybe take a deep sea dive in one of the world’s largest oceans!

A project designing, illustrating and creating a mini children’s animal encyclopedia. Double page spreads include Rainforest, Savannah, Ocean and Polar environments. 

Digital Illustrations 

  • Ocean Scene
  • Savannah Scene Text
  • Savannah Scene
  • Rainforest Scene
  • Polar Scene Text
  • Polar Scene
  • encyclopedia covers
  • The Whale
  • The Turtles
  • The Octopus
  • The Giraffe
  • The Antelope
  • The Elephant
  • The Parrot
  • The Penguins
  • The Killer Whale
  • The Polar Bears
  • The Hedgehog